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The exhibition De:Frag (July 2011) was an installation in an ex-masonic lodge turned gallery art space, The Anteroom. Once a site of gathering, meeting and ritual for The Freemasons. Set up in colonial times, the building still has signs of its past life. Complete with anteroom, ceremonial stage, Freemason Blue trimmings and window tint. The site is now an artist run space, housing exhibitions, projects and performances, offering a new construction of communal significance and purpose.

De:Frag has its own ceremonial initiative via a collection of embellished textile artefacts, soft sculpture and projection, hung/suspended within the halls formal structure. It is a schematic and a proposition. A psychosomatic drawing expressed through fibre, decoding and communicating a contemporary existence; prototype hand grenades, anti self-portraits and collapsed designs.

The name De:Frag serves as a reference to my research on fragging, in addition to computer defragmentation. Essentially analysing, clearing and organising the primary house of information.

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